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Vanessa Pellegrino

Vanessa hails from Levittown on Long Island.  She is a proud SUNY Oneonta Alumni and currently resides in Treadwell, NY.  She works with the Oneonta YMCA running and teaching kids program to help develop our local youth in safe and educational activities.  Vanessa is also a proud doggy mommy to her Brittany Spaniel, Theo, who she learns from on a daily basis. "Your pet is constantly remind you to have a playful mind, don't take like to seriously, live in the moment! This is what meditation is all about."


In addition to teaching at TRIBE YOGA, Vanessa also teaches NY Goat Yoga!, Kids Yoga, Anti-Gravity (or Aerial) Yoga, and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga in various locations. She brings a "go with the flow" personality to her classes and encourages her students to go with the flow of what their bodies need; to explore what feels good and to leave what doesn't.  This helps her students leave class happy with their minds and bodies relaxed.


200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Fit To Be Tied Yoga; Cooperstown NY 2017

AntiGravity Fundamentals 1&2 Aerial Yoga 2016

Music You May Hear with Vanessa:

A variety of upbeat yoga music during class and soothing meditative music for savasana

Who says yoga has to be serious? Who says you have to be good at yoga before going to class? Who says you either like yoga or you don't? The yoga community isn’t a one-size-fits-all group. Our diversity doesn’t disappear as soon as we get on the mat. Every BODY is different, even your own body changes day to day. There are dozens of different types of yoga classes and instructors, find your "yin." Yoga really is for everyone. Don’t be afraid to step outside your box, and try something new, I always encourage my classes to listen to your bodies, explore each pose and fall in love with how they make your body feel.
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