our classes

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Most classes can be adapted to accommodate any level practitioner; we strive to provide accessible yoga for all- please contact us for specific recommendations. Hydrate well before class and come with a mat, towel and water bottle! *Showers temporarily unavailable until further notice*


Classes labeled Flow focus on synchronizing movement with breath. The poses are woven together differently each time and vary according to each teacher's style. Students will enjoy moving meditation and creative sequencing

Flow | No Added Heat

Warm Flow | 85-90ºF 

Vin + Yin |  85-90ºF

Hot Power |  95-105ºF


Students who like structure and measurable progress will enjoy these classes.

Hot Hatha| Slow paced + challenging, great for those interested in heat but not ready for heat + vinyasa

105ºF, 40% Humidity

Ashtanga Primary Series | Modified for 75 minute class, 95ºF, 40% Humidity

Hot Power Fusion| Set sequence of postures, no vinyasas here.

105ºF, 40% Humidity


Classes with the indicator "Slow" are just that- slow, meditative, and gentle. These are for those who prefer a slower pace to gradually open the body into greater flexibility and range of motion. No heat is added, great for beginners and prenatal friendly.

Gentle | Calm Movement

Restorative | Supported Rest
Yin | Passive Stretches

Yoga Nidra | Yoga for Sleep

Sound | Live Music Meditation