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our story

First and foremost, we recognize that our studio exists on land that was traditionally tended by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and their ancestors, specifically Mohawk families that settled along the Susquehanna River Valley. We deeply appreciate their connection to this land, and thank the keepers for sowing seeds of abundance from which we now benefit. In a small act of acknowledgement, we donate 10% of our annual community fund proceeds to various indigenous-led organizations in hopes that we can redistribute some of the streams of wealth to those who came before us. 

Our studio was founded by Sonia Shultis in 2016. Sonia was newly relocated to the area and in search of community. Following true form of “build it and they will come,” Sonia invited friends and neighbors to practice in her home, eventually growing large enough to support a handful of local teachers and a variety of class offerings. Seeing the need for more connection and with these humble origins in mind, Sonia felt the opportunity to expand to a brick and mortar and in the Spring of 2017, TRIBE YOGA officially became Oneonta’s first dedicated yoga studio. Named as a tribute to Sonia's Polynesian heritage, the logo consists of a repeating Marquesan cross to represent balance and harmony- though no arm is exactly the same, there is balance overall. This symbol deeply influenced Sonia's efforts to create a space celebrating the power of human connection, the value of all life, and the peace created when we feel balance and harmony. 

The year 2020 shifted things in many ways and highlighted areas for change and transformation. In the fall of 2021, the studio changed hands and in the wake of Sonia's departure as owner it no longer felt appropriate to use her family heritage for a namesake. Thus, Yoga People Oneonta was established.


Yoga People Oneonta is a community centric yoga studio rooted in the living principles of yoga as a place where all feel welcomed and encouraged to begin, express, and deepen their practice. We acknowledge that no space can ever be guaranteed safe or accessible for all, but we strive to lead by example in the ongoing pursuit to learn, to align words with actions, and to create a space where it feels possible to uncover and live in your truth.

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