a note from your TRIBE

2019 was a year of majestic growth in the TRIBE yoga family. In the summer of 2018, we were awarded grant funding through the City of Oneonta Microenterprise Program, resulting in an absolutely beautiful synergy of efforts to open the space you are practicing in today. In addition to our new studio, this funding has also helped us to create meaningful jobs, in turn deepening our impact on the community with more eyes on programming, more ears listening, and more hearts sharing their own unique calling. All of this is to say that with the expansion of our team, our physical space, and our offerings, we would also like to expand our efforts to give back.


The TRIBE Community Fund began at the inception of TRIBE YOGA. The funds from our original "Pay What You Can" and other donation-based events and classes helped to make yoga more accessible in our community in diverse ways, most prominently tuition for a 200hr teacher training, donations to disaster relief efforts through various national tragedies, and compensating our teachers when they choose to host free classes and events. It has been our vision from the beginning to bolster this fund in an effort to provide everyday opportunities for everyone to practice yoga.


Now, as our community grows, we see a new opportunity to create meaningful impact by galvanizing the efforts of those who share our desire to make yoga accessible for everyone. In 2020, we will start a new scholarship program using this community fund. Rather than waiting for a donation-based class to appear on the schedule, you have the option to donate to our fund at any time. When you give to the fund, a real person in THIS community receives access to yoga. We will be collecting nominations year round, and once per quarter we will award a three month scholarship to a community member with demonstrated need and desire to practice yoga.


 It is with so much gratitude that we enter this new phase of TRIBE, with an ever-growing community and so much love to give. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing your time, your thoughts, and your love to this new and exciting community project.

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