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Katie Lossi

Katie is an Oneonta native returned to her hometown. After training with internationally acclaimed yoga instructors at Always-At-Aum yoga school of Babylon, New York, Katie was gifted the name "Aprita" (joyous one) in 2013. She specializes in Vinyasa and Hot Yoga (Bikram series).


When Katie is not practicing yoga she teaches ELA & ESL for the Oneonta City School District, directs plays, bartends, dances, runs, bikes, crafts, and reads. She believes there is a reason and a season for everything. Katie embodies the necessity to be a simultaneous student and teacher for life.


200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Always-At-Aum in Babylon, NY (2013)


Music You May Hear with Katie:

Fun fact- Katie used to DJ with Patrick Del Rosario back in the days of CDs! These days she employs Spotify to help her come up with playlists and stations of choice.  Hot Mess Monday is usually quite the combo and embraces diversity of the ages, from TLC to Whitney to Adele- bring. it. on. Thursdays she tends to tone it down with some relax and unwind tunes for the set class-- there’s enough sweat without the heavy stuff in hot set!

I vow to be a lifelong student and teacher-- growth and opportunity are my favorite educators!  I have been teaching hot and vinyasa yoga for just over five years. My fave poses tend to be inversions or arm balances.  My least faves tend to be hips and knees, but I know that just means I need ‘em even more! Want to extend that all are always welcome, and judgement-free is our way to be!
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