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Allie Townsend

Allie grew up in a suburban town in Connecticut, and she has been exploring cities for the last ten years - Boston, Cape Town and Brooklyn. Her practice became especially important to her in Cape Town to support to her competitive trail running. After spending years running long distances, the discipline she learned, her curiosity of the body and of movement and her need for time alone (in nature when possible!) brought her to study in depth yoga. Allie has practiced most styles, but her own asana practice and teaching are most similar to the Hatha and Yin styles. In the depths of this winter (2019), she has planted her roots in East Meredith, where she is working at a farm and healing space, Succurro. When not at Tribe, she is learning and practicing energy work and getting to know the land and community.


Trainings and Certifications

The Art of Meditation Course, Art of Living Foundation, Cape Town 2015
200hr RYT, Yoga to the People, NYC 2016
Ishta Yoga Meditation Training, Ishta Yoga, NYC 2016
Yoga in the Preschool Classroom, Karma Kids Yoga, NYC 2018

Music You May Hear with Allie:

An array of indie rock, reggae and other genres mainly without lyrics so that students have the opportunity to use the sound as a tool to move rather than to be distracted. Allie loves to spontaneously move and dance to music, so crafting a playlist is an important part of her classes.

This practice has given me the opportunity to slow down and listen to the insights. I hope to create a space where you are able to do the same.
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