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TRIBE YOGA FAQs; What to expect for your first yoga class

So you've decided you're going to try out this thing called yoga. Now what? How do you sign up for class? Where do you go? What do you bring? Questions, questions, questions! Fear not- the hardest part is over. Once you've decided, we'll help handle the rest.

I've never done yoga before. Am I gonna be okay?

We hear this all the time and the short answer is YES, you'll do long as you listen to your body. Yoga is designed for all levels, all bodies, and all people. If your heart is beating and your breath is moving, you are already doing yoga. It's that simple! Throughout class, if you start to feel either of those things become challenging, simply take a rest until you feel better. Learning yoga is much like learning a new language- for the first few classes, you might only absorb a portion of what is offered, and that is perfectly okay. Some of our classes move quickly, others hold poses for a challenging length of time- check out our Descriptions page to find the class that best suits your needs! If you are concerned about a specific health issue, please speak with your teacher before class. If you have a condition that is monitored by a doctor (including any prescription medications), it is best to get their blessing prior to attending class!

Okay, I'm in. How do I sign up?

Although we allow drop-ins, the only way to guarantee your spot is to sign up + pay for class ahead of time. To do so, you can visit our schedule and select the class that you'd like to attend. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account with our scheduling platform, Mindbody Online. Once you have an account, you can easily download the Mindbody App for easy scheduling!

Great, I'm signed up. What do I bring?

TRIBE YOGA offers several different styles of classes, but we recommend bringing a water bottle, exercise attire, and yoga mat to all classes. If you are taking a Hot class (95-105ºF) we recommend avoiding cotton as it can get very uncomfortable when sweaty. For our Slow Yoga classes, it can be nice to wear a light sweater or comfortable socks in addition to loose-fitting'll want to be as comfy as possible! We also provide showers + towels if you need to freshen up before heading out.

Alright...this is happening. Where do I go?

We are located at 50 Dietz Street in Suite L. The large parking lot on Dietz Street backs up to 48 Dietz; our building is just beside it. You will walk down the entryway between the buildings and find TRIBE located about halfway down on the left. The door is labeled "L"- Come on in! At the time of writing, our studio is just inside the door but soon we will be moving to a new space upstairs!

How much yoga is too much yoga?

Dare I answer a question with a question? How much broccoli is too much broccoli? How much H20 is too much H20? How much Marvin Gaye is too much Marvin Gaye? You catch my drift? Yoga is a wonderful form of daily practice that can be just that- practiced daily. We strive to offer a variety of styles so that you can feel challenged, zen'd, relaxed, and refreshed each and every day. As the old saying goes, an apple before yoga a day keeps the doctor away!

Tips for A Successful Experience- Yoga Etiquette

  • Hydrate Well, before class. While we welcome you to bring your water with you, we highly recommend hydrating well in the hours prior to class. Water (or food!) in the belly can make for an uncomfortable experience. It is recommended to avoid eating within 2 hours of class. If necessary, consider choosing a healthy and light snack.

  • Arrive Early. To give yourself enough time to shake off whatever you're bringing in with you, please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class. To ensure your safety and the peace of our space, we do not allow anyone to enter the class after the first five minutes.

  • Stay. Included within the time constraints of class is our final resting pose, Savasana. Though at first it might feel like wasted time, this is the heart of yoga. Please stay to enjoy it.

  • Personal Space. Please respect the space of all yogis in the room by letting silence prevail before, during, and after class. Avoid trodding on another's mat, but consider making room if you notice someone looking for a place to set up.

  • Non-Attachment. Please leave all devices (phones, watches, etc) and personal items outside and silenced/turned off. If you have an emergency consideration, please speak with a teacher before bringing your device inside. TRIBE YOGA is not responsible for any damage to a device exposed to heat. We cannot recommend this strongly enough.

  • Self Purification. Personal hygiene is an important part of the yogic lifestyle! We aim to maintain a clean space by asking all to remove shoes, maintain a clean mat/tools, and avoiding any strong fragrances in the yoga space.

Didn't quite cover your question? Please contact or give us a call at 607-435-3723. We're here to help you make yoga a reality! See you on the mat!

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