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Rachel Sason

Rachel Sason (she/her) was born and raised in Oneonta. Her background in movement, education, and language combine to make her a natural yoga guide and curious student. She was trained in classical ballet with Donna Decker, where her love for movement began. She played basketball and soccer for Oneonta High School; a team captain, never the highest scorer but always leading from the back and instilling the importance of teamwork.  Rachel has always understood teaching as a way of learning. To study for big exams she would teach the material to her sisters on the white board at home. She loves the way teaching pushes her to learn and understand more deeply. Rachel spent a year in Chile with Rotary Exchange and then studied Spanish and Education at the University of Vermont in Burlington.  She finished her studies at SUNY Oneonta with a BS in Spanish. By first learning Spanish as a culture, her passion for connecting to other people blossomed and with it a newfound understanding of how a language changes the way you comprehend the world around you. Rachel has been an employee at the Autumn Cafe  since 2013. She loves how the Cafe connects her to the community and she has grown to love the practice of serving others, inviting them in and making them feel comfortable.

Rachel has practiced yoga for over 10 years as a way of playful and mindful movement. The deeper yoga teachings beyond the physical shapes have found a new place in Rachel’s life as she recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training here at Yoga People of Oneonta. Yoga has played a huge role in Rachel’s new life as a mother to her child, Noah. It has helped her to feel powerful in her own ability to calm her mind and make it through tough days. As a teacher she wishes to share the tools she is learning to empower the self. She wants people to feel happy and strong in their bodies and minds. 

Rachel also enjoys kayaking, skiing, being outside with friends, cooking over the fire and dancing!

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