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Taylor Diepold

Taylor is from New York and is currently attending school in Oneonta. She is also a recognized USA and Total Immersion swim coach specializing in mind and body awareness. Taylor began practicing Yoga to cross train for swim, weightlifting and triathlon competitions in 2009.  She will graduate from Hartwick College in December 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and continue to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy through Sage College in Albany, NY. When she is not at school she resides with her boyfriend in the beautiful Catskill mountains.


Taylor holds value in the student perspective, keeping an open mind and ear. She continues to travel and attend hot yoga workshops with instructors Mary Jarvis and Esak Garcia. Taylor holds a special interest in the physiological changes within an individual that occurs with regular practice of breathing, meditation, movement, and mantra.



250hr Hot Yoga Teacher with Evolation Yoga in Buffalo, NY 2017

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