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Donation Yoga: How Does It Work?

Donation-based yoga gives the studio and teachers an opportunity to practice Seva: acts of selfless service without thought to reward or repayment. Read on to understand what a donation-based class is, and why we feel it is important to incorporate them in our schedule.

Why try "Donation Based"?

The idea of donation-based yoga classes can feel a bit vague at first sight. Where do the donations go? Do I have to donate or is it free? Why is there a “suggested” donation amount? At the end of the day, why would any business host a class without a fixed price? To answer these questions, we have to take a step back and examine the conundrum that is a modern yoga studio.

In the last ten years, yoga (in all its forms) has spread like a hot fiery trend through the Western world. Though we are moving into our own renditions and permutations- sometimes straying far from the original practices- yoga is a practice that at its very essence is accepting and adaptable to all variations of practitioners; we all come to yoga for different reasons, and we all have our own unique takeaways. One of the reasons this practice is so appealing is its inherent and magical union of individual with community- it supports a unique journey of personal development from within a community setting. While that is all fine and dandy, the major paradox strikes when this communal, all-encompassing philosophy of the East butts up against capitalism of the West. At the end of the day, in order to provide yoga, businesses must also be able to survive. Thus, reaching back to our high school economics class, we recognize the need for studios to charge for their services. The break-even point for most studios is incredibly high given the cost of utilities, space, teachers, staff, marketing, and more. This rise in operational cost, in turn, raises the cost of memberships, ultimately creating unexpected barriers to a robust and consistent routine.

An Opportunity for All

Enter donation-based yoga; opportunity for all. The suggestion of $10-15 gives an average of how much per student is necessary to keep studio doors open, classes heated, and teachers compensated. However, if today is a day that you cannot afford that level of donation, don’t sweat it! Come, practice, center yourself in the peace and love that is yoga. On a day when you have a bit more to spare, you will have the opportunity to donate at a higher level, likely supporting someone else’s practice that day. The central purpose of donation-based classes is to improve accessibility by utilizing the support of our community. A high tide lifts all boats! The profits received from donation based classes contribute to our Free Community Event funds so that we may continue to provide free monthly offerings and events.

Accessibility First

With a robust offering of community and donation-based classes, it is our intention at TRIBE YOGA to make this practice accessible to all members of our community, regardless of budget. Each and every individual stands to gain a unique and beautiful experience through the journey of yoga, and we intend to remove as many barriers as possible. Yoga is not just for anybody, it is for Everybody. Try it today- Join TRIBE YOGA!

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